Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Price: $25.00

Course Description:

This is an introductory course for all employees. It outlines general rights and responsibilities that all employees need to know. Designed for employees at all levels, this introductory course satisfies federal, and state requirements for employee workplace violence and harassment prevention training. Participants will learn about current legislation, their own responsibilities, and general violence and threat assessment theory.  Upon completing of this course, they will be able to report and respond to workplace violence and harassment.

Course Topics:

  • Historical and Legislative Overviews
  • Violence and Harassment Definitions
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Recognizing Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Responding to Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Reporting Workplace Violence
  • Managing Workplace Relationships
  • Defusing Workplace Hostility
  • Additional Course Resources

Who Should Attend:

Meets OSHA and state legislation for workplace violence and harassment prevention.

Regulatory Requirements:

No details provided.

Additional Details:

No details provided.
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