Testing Services

OccuMed Occupational Healthworks provides a variety of testing services to give employers the certainty that their staff is safe and healthy. Our testing covers a range of substances and an individuals’ capabilities for pre- and post-hire screenings, position requirements, and administrative qualifications. The flexibility and qualifications of our clinical staff gives you the most options for conducting testing, whether it’s a part of our unique bundled services or through individual sessions, which can be done at our clinic or remotely at a site that is convenient for you and your staff.  

Drug Testing

OccuMed’s drug testing services help ensure our clients and their employees’ wellness. From finding a healthy potential hire to preventing impaired employees from harming themselves or others at a jobsite or in the office, drug testing is a crucial piece of a safe workplace. We also offer DOT drug testing to make sure your commercial drivers are qualified to be on the road. 

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in America, and is the cause of too many accidents both in society and the workplace. OccuMed’s Alcohol Testing solutions for reasonable suspicion are available during regular business hours or on-demand for contracted clients.  

Respirator Fit Testing

From long term car facilities to job sites handling hazardous materials, respirators serve individuals across a variety of industries. Fit and function of respirators are important to keep employees safe on a job, and OccuMed’s respirator fit testing offers convenient and efficient testing solutions certified for a year to keep operations running smoothly.

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