Onsite Medical Services

OccuMed’s on-site medical services program was developed for our clients who recognize the benefit in having an on-site Medical Technician, and are seeking to do so at a greater value than bringing on direct staff.  Having an emergency responder or paramedic trained to quickly and administer first aid can be crucial. This means any potential injury can be treated immediately, while avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits, or further injury due to unqualified individuals. OccuMed’s protocols are designed in accordance with OSHA guidelines, state and federal regulations, and evidence-based practice to guide the caregiver through the first aid process.

The process of using our onsite medical services is designed to be seamless from an operational standpoint while keeping an event or location safe.

  • A Dispatch Center will be established for immediate initiation of service for any incident.
  • Our clients’ point of contact throughout any incident will always be with an Experienced Medical Technician.
  • Every client serviced has a designated point of contact between the client site personnel and OccuMed’s management team.
  • The point of contact will also supply any incident paperwork upon call completion.
  • Clients can be confident that a first aid incident may not end in an unnecessary recordable, lost time incident, or worker’s compensation claim.
  • OccuMed’s full roster includes a suite of medical professionals: doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and behavioral specialists

OccuMed is equipped to provide medical services to events of all types and sizes including concerts, parades, marathons, corporate events, television and movie productions, and much more. 

We have the capabilities of providing services to your organization’s multi-location events such as extreme fitness competitions, races, rodeos, fairs, and many more.

By utilizing our services, you gain continuity of service amongst all of your events

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