X-Ray Services

Designed to address critical occupational safety needs, our mobile X-ray machinery offers efficient and convenient chest X-ray scans for personnel at risk of chronic lung diseases, like asbestosis and silicosis, due to exposure to airborne dust. Our service, in partnership with OM Diagnostics, caters to professionals such as tunnel workers, stone cutters, hardscapers, miners, and others working in dust-prone environments. While there are healthcare applications for pneumonia screening, we prioritize the occupational safety aspect.

The benefits of on-site Chest x-rays

  • Portable equipment for easy SUV transportation.
  • Suitable for on-site setups with electricity.
  • Quick scans, only a few minutes per person.
  • Participants can typically keep their clothing on with tailored considerations for female participants.

OSHA's Silica & Asbestos standards:

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