Today’s business environment calls for management to operate at a level of efficiency never seen before. They’re expected to operate lean yet maintaining a high level of productivity, all while trying to deliver the service or product they specialize in. Unfortunately, gaps can and will exist between what is expected and what is delivered. OccuMed exists to help organizations fill the gap between where an organization’s health and wellness plans are envisioned and actually end up. 

Why Use A Third Party Consultant?

The most important aspect of the OSHA inspection process is the citation itself. Getting a citation deleted or reclassified is the main goal in any informal conference. If you engage a qualified third party consulting company they may help you be better positioned to successfully petition for citation deletion and reclassification. When the citation is deleted, the fine becomes zero

If you cannot successfully petition for deletion or reclassification of a citation, you may still petition for a reduction in the fine. If you engage a qualified third party consulting company, it gives evidence to OSHA of your company’s commitment to improving safety. OSHA may give consideration to employers who demonstrate their commitment to safety by hiring a qualified safety company. The purpose of OSHA fines is not punitive, but to motivate the employer to put money into safety. The reduction in OSHA fines may be as much or more than 60% when the consultation plan of the qualified third party consultant is effectively communicated to OSHA.

OSHA Standards do change, and at any point in time there could be one or more standards under review by industry stakeholders and OSHA. Qualified safety companies have staff that stay abreast of changing OSHA regulations and best practices.

Oftentimes business contracts will require a third party safety consultant. This could either be to fill a need for an objective auditor, or to supply a full or part-time safety consultant on site during a project.

A third party safety consultant can help reduce overhead costs in three ways.
By hiring a qualified safety consultant you will not need to increase staff which results in increased overhead costs. Additionally, by using OccuMed’s safety consultants, you are engaging a team of safety consultants who specialize in OSHA compliance across many industries and experiences.
A comprehensive approach to loss control services can help your business limit the total cost of risk and improve your bottom line. OccuMed will work with you to develop or refine your health and safety plans, provide OSHA compliance assistance and training to your staff to mitigate areas of risk. 
OccuMed can work with you to lower your experience modification rate (EMR). By analyzing injury and incident trends and implementing corrective and preventive actions, we can reduce your EMR thereby lowering your workers’ compensation costs.

One of our key areas of expertise is in federal and state OSHA, and HIPAA Compliance. Our senior consultants and staff are qualified and experienced in creating occupational safety and health management solutions, specifically tailored to a number of specialized industries. By utilizing our consultants and services, your organization can operate with confidence knowing that our expertise in the areas of occupational health and safety will enable you to create measurable goals and navigate through an often changing regulatory maze.

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    • Program Development, Revision & Implementation
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    • Initial Safety Audit
    • Program Development, Revision & Implementation
    • Employee Training
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    • Off-site Comprehensive Support 

    Risk assessments

    Program Development, Revision, & Implementation

    OccuMed can assist healthcare management teams in the medical and dental industry in the design of OSHA Compliance Plans, Emergency Action/Contingency Plans, Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plans, Hazard Communications Plans, Infection Control Plans, and Biomedical Waste Management Plans.

    OccuMed can help ensure your compliance with occupational safety and health related regulations providing training, program assessments, hazardous materials evaluations, audits, surveillance, and field inspections on projects.

    OccuMed’s team has extensive experience with emergency management and preparedness, allowing us determines and evaluate the risk of exposure to workers, the environment, and the public in the event of an emergency. Additionally, OccuMed can assist in the development of response and mitigation plans, conduct drills, and formulate facility and operations vulnerability assessments.

    OccuMed assists healthcare facilities, as well as other organizations with exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids during the course of their work. OccuMed can help organizations comply with OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standard by developing engineering and work practice controls, as well as policies and procedures regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), housekeeping, laundry, and cleanup methods. OccuMed’s consultant can assist with policies regarding the use and availability of the hepatitis B vaccine, actions required in the event of an exposure, post-exposure follow-up, labeling, training, workplace communication of hazards, and required record keeping. 

    OccuMed’s consultants are experienced in the recognition, identification, and evaluation of workplace hazards. OccuMed uses a systematic process to document these assessments and then select the appropriate controls to mitigate or eliminate worker exposure to identified occupational hazards. 

    OccuMed offers expert infection prevention services to a variety of healthcare facilities and organizations. Our team assesses essential elements of health-care associated infections while identifying those at greatest risk for the outcome or process of interest. OccuMed’s experienced staff can develop comprehensive programs complaint with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Joint Commission, AAAHC and other accreditation agencies.

    OccuMed can help ensure medical facilities implement safe and sustainable waste management systems, while staying compliant with the strict national and international regulations and safety standards. Our comprehensive background in managing biomedical waste, sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste, chemotherapy waste, and document destruction can improve your facility’s operations processes, improve productivity, and reduce organizational cost. 

    Risk Management

    OccuMed’s alliance and experience with the insurance industry allows us to assist our clients in the coordination and development of loss control services required by carriers and brokers alike, while ensuring our client’s safety programs are aligned with their insurance coverage.

    OccuMed can assist in the evaluation of your access control systems, develop emergency procedures and contingency plans, and provide consultation on the protection and enhancement of loss-control measures.

    OccuMed of New England seeks to ensure the safety and security of an organization’s physical and human assets that may be threatened by natural or human-made disasters. Clients hire OccuMed security consultants to assess a building’s security needs. Our recommendations involve protecting the building against theft and vandalism by installing security cameras, hiring security guards, and providing employee background checks. Our security consultants will study a building’s design and recommend measures to protect it from damage from natural disasters or, acts of terrorism. We may recommend emergency evacuation procedures or protection of confidential computer records against hackers and viruses. Government agencies hire OccuMed security consultants to advise them on how to protect national monuments, national transportation, utility, and defense infrastructure—airports, bridges, nuclear reactor plants, water treatment plants, and military barracks—against terrorism.

    OccuMed utilizes a web-based safety tracking system which enables us to manage the collection of auditing data and synchronize it with our client’s corporate information. This technology allows us to streamline the auditing process and reduce the time to corrective action.

    OccuMed’s occupational safety and health management systems, consulting programs, and training programs are designed to meeting compliance with the following agencies:

    Price Estimates For Workplace Health & Wellness Safety Consulting Services


    • 1/2 Consulting / Instructional Day $1200 per day
    • 1 Full Consulting / Instructional Day $1600 per day
    • 2 Full Consulting / Instructional Days $1500 per day
    • 3 Full Consulting / Instructional Days $1400 per day
    • 4 Full Consulting / Instructional Days $1300 per day
    • 5 Full Consulting / Instructional Days $1200 per day

    The above prices may vary. They are only shown as a guideline and for budgeting purposes.

    Other costs that must be factored in, as needed, are travel costs, equipment shipping, classroom rental fees, text and materials, processing fees and any other specific costs. We are based in the Northeast, but have a network of consultants throughout the United States, so travel costs are not automatic and we are very conservative when it comes to additional cost outside of the instructional cost.