During the Associated Builders and Contractors Rhode Island (ABC RI) Chapter’s Safety Seminar and Dinner Meeting, OccuMed of New England presented Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors. The seminar gave supervisors, managers and leaders a grasp of how to recognize and proactively handle potential drug and alcohol misuse in the work place.

About the ABC Rhode Island Chapter

The ABC RI exists as “the voice of the merit shop in the construction industry.” The organization focuses on defeating Project Labor Agreements and unreasonable apprenticeship ratios. Members of the Rhode Island Chapter of ABC gain a voice for free enterprise, education in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts construction industry, as well as help achieving the highest level of profitability possible.

As an educational incentive, members have access to various safety seminars throughout the year. These safety seminars include various speakers addressing hot topics in the construction industry throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Members are able to participate in live training courses, network with colleagues and enjoy a meal.

Importance of Reasonable Suspicion Training in Construction

As OccuMed presented during Wednesday night’s Safety Seminar and Dinner Meeting, our instructors discussed topics such as developing a Drug Free Workplace Policy, implementing a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, Marijuana laws and regulations, how supervisors can recognize symptoms of drug or alcohol misuse and how to properly conduct a reasonable suspicion investigation.

Unfortunately, the construction industry is the second leading industry for drug-related deaths. Many members agreed drugs and alcohol among the construction industry remains a problem. Having supervisors trained in reasonable suspicion is not only the first step in detecting an employee is misusing drugs or alcohol, it gives them the skills to comply with federal and state regulations.

If you are a member of the ABC RI and either missed Wednesday night’s seminar or are interested in a downloadable version of the presentation, visit the following link: file:///S:/OccuMed/ABC%20RI%20Chapter/Reasonable%20Suspicion%20for%20Supervisors%20ABC%20RI.pdf

For more information on OccuMed of New England’s Drug Testing Programs, visit the following link: file:///R:/Drug%20Testing/Drug%20Testing%20Program/Drug%20Testing%20Program.pdf

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