Course Description:

This course meets the safety certificate requirements for a Massachusetts License to Carry and Firearms Identification Card. Students will receive two certificates upon successful completion of the course; a Massachusetts Firearms Safety Certificate and a NRA Basic Pistol Certificate. The course will cover the two major types of modern handguns and the fundamentals of marksmanship.  All students who attend this course will be exposed to various types of commonly available handguns. This course is the foundation for pistol shooters; a must for new gun owners and a great skill builder for experienced shooters.  The principles in this course are consistent with those taught by military, law enforcement, and civilian organizations all over the country. This is a live fire course, giving students an opportunity to practice on the range lessons from the class.

Course Topics:

Core Safety Rules and Safe Practices
Major Types of Handguns
Basic Operating Principles of Modern Handguns
Components of Ammunition
Firing Sequence
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Live Fire Exercises to Improve Marksmanship
Firearms Maintenance
Safe Storage
Overview of Massachusetts and Federal Firearms Laws

Who Should Attend:

Massachusetts License to Carry and Firearms Identification Card Holders

Regulatory Requirements:

National Rifle Association