Workers in the hospitality industry often find themselves confronted by complicated or concerning situations, and sometimes find themselves in these situations alone. Across the United States, instances of harassment and violence against hospitality workers are becoming more frequent. These often happen to housecleaning staff or night shift workers, for both these jobs task an employee with duties requiring them to work alone or with limited additional staff.


An intoxicated or unpredictable guest can put staff in the direct line of abuse, threats, or assault at a moment’s notice. In these cases, escape may not be without significant obstacles.


Health and wellness concerns are also on the rise. Exposure to illnesses, especially for housecleaning staff, who may come into contact into various types of hazardous wastes during their shifts can never be underestimated.


The physicality of these jobs can also lead to injury, as can hazards that arise while carrying out tasks, such as slip-and-fall injuries on wet surfaces and trip-related injuries due to floor obstructions. Even repeated tasks can wear at the body and lead to an unexpected injury.


If a workplace incident occurs, the company can be held responsible, and therefore will be responsible for medical costs, disability payments, and potentially even lawsuit settlements. It is a good idea for employers to consider implementing workplace monitoring systems for staff members at high risk for safety incidents. Traditionally, companies only consider jobs with considerable physical dangers, including construction, agriculture, and electrical workers, but hospitality workers are more and more at risk.


Some companies have implemented Electronic Security Devices, more colloquially known as panic buttons, for use by employees at high risk for safety incidents. These are sometimes wearable devices or an app accessible through the employee’s cell phone. These systems allow an employee to quickly report a safety concern, whether he or she encounters a dangerous guest or a hazardous situation.


Not only will these Electronic Security Devices help give employees ease of mind and a heightened feeling of safety, but it will also benefit the company by decreasing the chance of a workplace injury. This will prevent a potential loss in productivity and employee resources, as well as damage to employee morale should fear of a similar accident or incident spread. By taking any and all potential employee risks into consideration, a company will be able to create a comprehensive safety plan that will allow everyone to know how to report and respond to a potential situation while feeling at ease while going about their daily routines.