Course Description:

Violent incidents with mass casualties are taking place at far too frequent occurrence and OccuMed is committed to making sure you and your staff are equipped with the resources necessary to minimize injury and loss of life. Our certified trainers will work with your organization to provide not just situational training, but help develop a personalized Emergency Action Plan (EAP) around your needs (based on your building, industry, and employees).

Course Topics:

Responding to and surviving an active attacker incident

Industry-specific protocols

Development of company specific Emergency Action Plan

Basic First Aid

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for all personnel having a supervisory role in their company’s emergency action plans, for fire, bomb threats, acts of terrorism and general emergency situations requiring emergency management, such as:

Supervisory or management personnel; Daycare Providers; Teachers & Administrators;  Senior administrators who have direct reports that are managers or supervisors; employees responsible for initiating investigations into workplace violence or harassment complaints; Security personnel