Even a safe driver cannot avoid accidents caused by mechanical failure; the best defense against this type of accident is prevention through performing the appropriate inspections.

This course focuses on the role of the CMV driver in keeping his or her CMV in safe working order by inspecting the vehicle at the start and end of every day. By properly inspecting the vehicle you drive, you will help keep other drivers and yourself safe on the highway. In this course, you will learn about the types of inspections that drivers need to complete, including what to do if you uncover defects or problems during an inspection. In addition, you will see the specific items to inspect on MC 307/DOT 407 and MC 312/DOT 412 tanks.

Learning Outcomes

After taking this course, you will be able to:

Identify the inspections a driver must perform on his or her CMV
Recognize the components of a tanker truck that must be part of a driver’s daily inspections, including the components particular to MC 307/DOT 407 and MC 312/DOT 412 tanks.


This course is intended for CMV drivers hauling MC 307/DOT 407 or MC 312/DOT 412 tanks.


FMCSR – 49 CFR 392, 393, and 396

Approximate Length

1 hour


This course has these features and more:

Easy navigation
Supplementary material
Links to regulations
Real-world scenarios
Objective-based exams