COVID-19 Testing Services

Fast & Reliable COVID-19 Testing Results

OccuMed Occupational Healthworks, an EquipNet Company has partnered up with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to offer our customers fast and inexpensive COVID-19 tests. OccuMed is aligned with the Broad Institute’s mission of improving the health of our communities by offering businesses and institutions the chance to test their employees and staff for COVID-19. Testing is a preventative service that can help to limit the spread of COVID-19, especially in the workplace. OccuMed’s Health and Safety Medical Technicians (HSMTs) can come on-site/on-campus to organize, monitor, and control the administration of the COVID-19 PCR test.

Currently, all testing services are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call us directly at 877.399.1698 or fill out the for below

On-Site COVID-19 Testing

OccuMed coordinates the entire testing process beginning with the organization of the event and ending with the reporting of final results. OccuMed will send COVID-19 testing technicians to your site to handle test administration, collection and the delivery of the samples to the lab, thereby alleviating your team of any operational burden. We currently conduct two types of large group, on-site testing.

Additional Pooled Testing Details

Pooled Testing is an improved and cost-effective way to reliably test a large group of people at once. 

  • 2-10 individuals provide samples which are submitted to the lab together as a “pool”.
  • Each location is serviced & billed separately.
  • Pricing is based on a per pool rate. Each pool can accommodate a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10. Each pool is charged at the same rate regardless of the number of individual samples.
    • For example, if one of 13 pools only has four people, that final pool will be billed as a complete 10-individual pool.
  • The pools are tested in the lab at the same time.
  • If a pool returns a negative result, all individuals within that pool are considered negative, and no further action is required.
  • If a pool returns positive, all individuals within the pool must receive individual testing to determine positive or negative status.
  • Retesting: Individual PCR testing is available at $65 per test. A minimum 10 tests are billed
    • Using the example above, if the pool of four people comes back with a positive, the four in the pool are individually tested, but the client is billed for 10 tests.

Vaccine/Testing Status Information Management

Through our partners, OccuMed now offers complete information management solutions to record and keep track of employee vaccination and testing status. Whether employees are in the field on a laptop or on their phone, using the software is simple: 

  • Select the document (vaccine certificate, test results, or other medical form) to upload;
  • Add the document from your files/photos or take a picture directly;

All information is securely encrypted and stored in the cloud for easy retrieval and compiling. 

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