June 11th Webinar Video


Richard W. Sarnie, CSP, P.E., ARM
Chief Operating Officer | OccuMed of New England

David B. Wilson
Founding Partner at Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP

Matthew Pappas,
Presidentof ARCpoint Labs of Woburn



1. COVID-19 written directive/policy on requirements which can be either a corporate policy or a site-specific policy.

2. Daily On-site medical monitoring briefing at the start of each shift on current COVID-19 concerns.

3. Daily administration of a COVID-19 acknowledgment form to each employee verifying their understanding of the requirements of the COVID-19 guidelines; this process also includes the individual monitoring of employee’s body temperatures along with a verification that the employee has not had any symptoms of COVID-19 or has come in contact with any individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19. (Testing is completed with FDA approved equipment and under FDA testing periodicals).

4. Sitewide COVID-19 compliance audit to assure each the contractor on-site is meeting the requirements.

5. COVID-19 audit summary report (see attached example) for an audit conducted at the site.

6. Incident Reporting: If in any case in an employee is found to be showing the signs or symptoms of COVID-19 our on-site representative will follow through with a full investigation which includes an incident report.

7. Training Services: As part of the services we offer our clients training on infectious control for site supervisors, that will be responsible for monitoring for COVID-19 compliance and conditions outside of OccuMed’s daily audit/inspection.

8. Record Retention: OccuMed will maintain all records of the services including the daily reports, individual acknowledgment forms (which include the temperatures), and any investigation reports are conducted.



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a. What is it and how to institute an effective infection control policy within construction?

Construction work may require special procedures, equipment and precautions for performing the work. In these challenging times the risk of exposure at our jobsites is more prevalent than ever before.

Construction, renovation and demolition activities can affect contractors, subcontractors and the general public. Dust and debris from construction, renovation and demolition activities can be a hazard. Workers can be exposed to hazardous environments and materials such as infectious disease in the workplace by the nature of their business. This course is designed to give the worker a better understanding of infection control, safety, PPE, hazards and mitigation.

2. COVID-19
a. How to establish a COVID 19 Program to be in compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts directive

To help prevent exposure against COVID-19 in the workplace this course specifically details precautions necessary to prevent the spread of infection and illness amongst workers. This course also addresses the Commonwealth of Massachusetts newly established guidelines regarding COVID-19 and construction. Included is the requirements of safety, audit and compliance responsibility by supervisors in construction companies.

a. How to institute an effective OSHA Compliance Program that complies with OSHA 1926 (Construction)

Construction safety inspections are the most effective means of identifying hazardous conditions at the worksite. Construction sites require constant monitoring and careful observations to stay ahead of safety issues. We are a proven safety resource for third party job construction site safety inspections.

Our safety professionals have been successfully performing construction safety inspections on some of the largest projects in the Northeast. We identify potential OSHA violations, liability issues and risk exposures while assisting clients with mitigating hazards before they damage the reputation of the company and injure employees.

a. How to institute an effective OSHA Compliance Program that complies with OSHA 1910 (General Industry)

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Facility Safety Audits and Inspections are just one of our tools we provide. A safety audit is a powerful tool and is designed to inspire your team to get involved. Our professionals have years of experience conducting safety audits. We travel to your location(s) and make comprehensive assessments of conditions and detailed reports providing management with the resources they need to make critical decisions.